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no school

just sitting here. being ored. no school till thursday. cause im a badass. i got suspended for hitting a door, leaving 'early' which is gay b/c when i left people were already outside and there were people of the school property before me, and i sjipped a shit load of detentions. so i cant see Ciara till thursday. mabye not b/c we might hang out on tuesday or wensday. this movie kicks ass. Starsky & Hutch. la dee da dee da. im soooo damn bored. just incase you wanted to know. i woke up at 12, then like 10 seconds after Ciara called, then i took a shower, wacthed Starsky & Hutch, and now im sitting here playing video games. im out.

see ya

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    clicky clicky

  • yep

    sitting here at Kassy's waiting for her to get home. doing this appillication. im out kick ass Casey

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    wow im bored It's 2:10 in the morning. Haven't updated in a while. I'm bored. Everyone is sleeping. Everyone being Kassy, REGGIE!, Amber, and…

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