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wow im bored

It's 2:10 in the morning.
Haven't updated in a while.
I'm bored.
Everyone is sleeping.
Everyone being Kassy, REGGIE!, Amber, and Alyssa.
La dee da dee da.
Today kicked ass.
I hung out with Ciara from 6 till like 11:30 or something.
Spiced rum with crused strawberry's is very good.
The only thing thats keeiong me awake.
Carnival was cool.
I actually did sometihng today instead of stand there.
I haven't hung out with Reggie in a loooong ass time.
He's cool.
I'm probaly boring you with this.
That is because im a boring person.
But i dont really care though so it's okay.
Well, I think I'm going to try and find something to do.

Kick ass

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