ahhhh *random yelling*

yeah, this sucks right about now. i got suspended for three days for skipping a bunch of detentions, hitting a door, and leaving school like 30 seconds early. i might have pink eye. i have a wicked bad cold. i thought i was gonna die this morning b/c i had a fever and i fell asleep w/ all my clothes and a blanket, i couldnt stay asleep all last night b/c i couldnt breath, and i woke up dreanched in sweat and a puddle of sweat under me and i tried to get up and fell back down and started shawking and couldnt control myself. I actually thoguht i was dying tho it was so messed up. but none of that matter b/c i have Ciara :-*. yeah, its awsome. im so bred right now. Kassy told me to get a livejournal so i did. dont have much to say im out

kick ass
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